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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's true, what goes around does come around!

I wouldn't go putting the kids education fund into MSFT now or anytime soon. Aside from being a great example of karma and adding a validity to the saying, 'what goes around comes around', I wouldn't do so for several other reasons, all of them SV companies. GOOG, CRM, EBAY, AAPL, Sling.

Google because they are building out the infrastructure to support a true distributed computing grid that is device agnostic. Devices won't require on OS from MSFT which renders them much less powerful than was the case with the last 20 years of the PC evolution. Distributed grid that will support free access to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Think about that, it is power beyond comprehension.

CRM - mainly because with their APEX, they are building the next generation platform for global trade of goods and services. With the global ubiquity in access, the flow of information which may have been impossible in recent history is suddendly happening in real time. With access to information, people gain knowledge and with knowledge they become marketable. When something is marketable it has value. You get the point?

Ebay - PayPal was the purchase of the century for ebay. While they(eBay) too have the ability to be the commerce platform of the future global economy, their bigger opportunity is to be the arbitrator of financial transactions akin to a sort of clearing house for electronic units of value. They're already doing this to some degree and they've got a hell of a head start on anyone else by virtue of their current business.

AAPL - iPod was great for them. iPhone will blow the doors off iPod's results. Finally, it has arrived. Apple just delivered the equivalent of what Segway was hyped up to deliver.

Sling Media - As long as the networks as we know them today are in existence, there will be a high degree of value placed on circumventing the detributes of broadcast. Slingbox does just that and as ubiquity in broadband access gets closer to equilibrium, the value of the service to each user and of the user to Sling grow at increasing rates.

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